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Contextual Intelligence by Swan

Contextual Intelligence turns Information into Insights

Data are everywhere. They pervade our world. This data-deluge affects most domains of human activity. Business is by far the most concerned in an increasingly complex world.  Companies have always relied on external information to steer their business; the Business Information/Market Research industry is huge, still...

Pierre Deville @ Swan

Enriched Data with Machine Learning

Swan is the Group's speedboat for Data and Analytics and have successfully tested one of the developed solutions within Bisnode. The proof of concept was made with a solution for Machine Learning and together with Bisnode in Switzerland the solution managed to crawl company data on different company...

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What is Context Mining?

Swan, as the Big Data & Analytics Lab of the Bisnode Group, has designed a structured approach to R&D, which combines the creativity required at the exploration phases, and the pragmatic business applications for Bisnode customers. We call this approach Context Mining. Context Mining merges in...