SWAN - a Bisnode Company | Introducing Bisnode Business Events
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Bisnode Business Events

Introducing Bisnode Business Events

Bisnode Business Events is the latest product release from Swan for the Bisnode Group. Bisnode Business Event provides you with the latest signals and events about companies and key people on your market. You get notified when your customers launch a new product, enter a new market, experience a significant layoff, win a big contract…

We provide you on a daily basis the signals and events about your customers, your competitors or whole markets and industries, such as: changes in address, shareholding structure or legal forms, M&A, resignations and appointments of CxO and Decision Makers, end of activities and bankrupts, large workforce variations, announcement of new markets, new product & service lines, new investments…

We monitor daily:

  • More than 30 millions active companies in all markets
  • More than 3 millions decision makers
  • From more than 100.000 news sites, including local sources
  • From more than 90.000 publications from social networks

Your challenge as a professional

As a sales officer, risk officer or compliance manager, you need to know as soon as possible all signals and information changes that might impact your or your customer’s business. We provide you the means to monitor markets, industries, or your customer list by processing tens of thousands of sources every day. We identify timely signals that are relevant to you. You are notified when business events occur, and combine them into insights and triggers for sales teams, and alerts for compliance, updated score for risk analysis, opportunities for business development…

We deliver you the Business Events either in stand-alone interface and API, or embedded in your current Bisnode Business Contacts, Risk or Compliance products.

Applications and use cases

  • Risk – We enhance the risk scoring on companies with early warnings. Our dedicated risk indicators are adjusted for you every day based on signals and detected events, such as changes at C-Level or a significant workforce change last month.
  • Marketing – You can trigger your marketing campaigns by knowing which companies have launched a new product, have entered new markets, or won a European Tender. We rank and sort your prospects, so your Sales Team knows who to call in priority, knowing the latest news on each company.
  • Compliance – Beyond mere regulation checks, you get a full access to company history and recent events, on his business, its markets or its key decision makers. Coupled with other Bisnode Products, Bisnode Business Events provides you with the latest full picture of a company.

Real time extension to your risk and compliance reports

Beyond mere news monitoring and mentions on Social Networks, Bisnode Business Events provides you with contextual signals and relevant events on your competitors, customers and providers. Bisnode Business Events is complementary with several Bisnode products, such as the Business Contacts, Risk Scoring, or Compliance solutions.

Our Bisnode Business Event product provides you with Real Time information, daily updated, for improving your Risk analyses (Real Time Risk Scoring) and the depth of your Compliance checks (local & global news sources, social networks, official news, national registers & business, company registers…).

Signals are combined, events get context, sources and references, to help you taking the best decisions. Our scores are contextualised. In one click, access to the Business Events that have modified the risk or impacted your compliance checks.

For more information about this product, contact us.