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We turn information into actionable insights

Swan is the Big Data & Analytics Lab from the Bisnode Group. We convert the most-advanced data science algorithms into powerful applications for the enterprise. 

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An expert team operating globally

Swan is composed of highly-skilled, PhD-level data scientists and business engineers who pursue an exciting mission: develop a strong intelligence layer on top of data, using a proprietary approach called Context Mining. Headquartered in Brussels with some data scientists in Chennai, India, the team runs deep R&D operations and develop data products for the different Bisnode offices throughout Europe.

Our Approach
Data Sources

We acquire and manage new kinds of data, including worldwide news, social networks, open data and corporate data.

Data Science

We develop advanced algorithms on those data, from network science to machine learning, text-mining and artificial intelligence.

Data Components

The combination of data sources and data science produces powerful data components, bringing magic in specific tasks.

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New Products

We assemble data components to develop new data products for the Bisnode Group.

Examples of Data Components

Contact Details

This algorithm, starting from a company name, will find any business contacts linked to that company, using different sources, including the corporate website contact page, but also professional social networks. This is very useful to update CRM databases or to automatically identify the right person to get in touch with. Details come with the contact coordinates, position title and other data if available.

Contact Details
Website Finder

Website Finder

The Website Finder data component is an algorithm able to detect automatically corporate websites from a list of company names, even if the website address does not match the company name. The algorithm analyses the website content to validate the match between the company and the website itself. We run this tool on databases of millions of companies, and we reach 97% of accuracy in the results.

Bitcoin Addresses

We apply our NLP technology to process billions of online documents in order to analyse bitcoin addresses and transactions. The goal is to link those addresses to the corresponding companies. This data component is one of the R&D initiatives we take in the Risk & Compliance area, by stepping into the new technology trends likely to impact a company’s risk management.

Bitcoin Addresses
A growing list of
powerful Data Components

Machine Learning & Text Mining

The computer is now more intelligent that ever. We master the latest machine learning techniques, with a special focus on Natural Language Processing and Text Mining (entity detection, sentiment analysis, business event detection, pattern matching). We also develop Similarity Matching algorithms (topic disambiguation, i.e. for websites or social profiles) and Predictive Modelling techniques (churn prediction, lead generation, behavioral outlook).


Network Science

Network Science is the analysis of complex networks, including social media. We develop techniques to explore network data, analyse link inference and detect communities. This data science area is very useful to reveal hidden insights from connections between nodes in a given network.


Data Engineering

Mastering the data infrastructure is key to allow proper deployments of our data science. We deploy innovative technical configurations to optimize data acquisition, cleansing, storage and processing. We have developed an in-house data management software (Swanalytics) in order to control the whole value chain and facilitate a massive scaling.

Bisnode Business Events

Our latest product: Bisnode Business Events

Bisnode Business Event provides the latest signals and events about companies and key people on a given market. Users get notified in real time when the companies they follow (customers, competitors, suppliers, specific markets or sectors) launch a new product, enter a new market, experience a significant layoff, win a big contract, etc. Lots of business events are detected, such as changes in address, shareholding structure or legal forms, M&A, resignations and appointments of CxO and Decision Makers, end of activities and bankrupts, large workforce variations, announcement of new markets, new product & service lines, new investments, etc.

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Swan is a boiling squad of innovative people working in and out of its Lab.

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