Swan joins Bisnode.


Bisnode and Swan join forces to deliver best-in-class Big Data & Analytics solutions,
combining the best of Business Information and Data Science.

Outsmart your competitors.


We scan the whole business world and bring you what you really need to do better business: know your market, build your sales pipelines, close deals faster, improve customer loyalty.

The ultimate Big Data solution for Sales & Marketing professionals.

We entered the age of information. Human-generated data is growing three times faster than structured, corporate data. In an ever-growing complex world, companies need to develop competitive strategies relying on real-world information. Swan combines over 175.000 data sources to deliver decisive insights that perfectly fit business interests and needs so that you can act on them immediately – and drive more revenues.

Swan Insights
Swan Insights

Relevant, Timely & Actionable Business Insights.

Swan turns information into insights. An insight must be relevant (related to a matter of interest here and now), timely (delivered in near real-time and at the right moment) and actionable (you take immediate action to turn it into results). You receive B2B insights that will allow you get results in no time.

Context is King.

Filtered lists of companies and news feeds are good – but not enough to sustain your leadership. Information is scattered everywhere, and unrelated. Swan brings the outside world to you after separating the wheat from the chaff. Big Data and Data Science allow us to connect dots between datasets and contextualize information to deliver insights that truly matter.

Context is what turns an information into an insight: create links between data, take your business specifics into account, ensure a timely delivery, propose actionable options. You will get that, and more.

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How do you do better business?

We scan the whole business world. Millions of information come to us daily. From that, you create Views of stories, companies or people, ranked according to the parameters you choose to be important to you, and contextualized with hundreds of data types such as financial events, M&A, partnerships, new product launch, business activity, social networks, job listings, patents, tenders, etc. It is Predictive Demand Generation, revisited.

  • “Data are everywhere. They pervade our world. We want
    to draw the most value out of them through Data Science.”


    - Pierre Deville, Chief Scientist

  • “We are a customer-driven organization. Every choice we
    make goes in that direction. We will never derail from that.”


    - Laurent Kinet, CEO

  • “Our ambition is to bring measurable results to our customers,
    and to support their path to a better business.”


    - Jean-Philippe Schepens, CCO

  • “We commit to never give up the smart complementarity
    that our Data team develops with the business end of Swan.”


    - Xavier Rouby, CTO

Predictive Demand Generation

Swan’s technology gathers and understands the widest range of information sources on the market, including news, social media, corporate websites, official business registers and business activity – matched with premium verified company data and dozens of other sources, to turn massive information flows into personalised feeds of business insights.

Strategy & Media


Market Intelligence. Top Executives, Researchers, Marketeers and Media Specialist get the most relevant insights about specifics markets and industries; they inform their teams, they prepare reports, they plan a new product launch, they watch and survey strategic moves from industry players, competitors, suppliers or key stakeholders. They get only what’s relevant to them.

They monitor the whole activity that occurs in their markets, segments and channels. They do market research a new way – accurate, exhaustive and real time. They follow what their competition is doing, and anticipate tactical moves. More than mere monitoring, it is a personalized scan of the business world.

Lead Generation


Predictive Demand Generation. Sales people and Business developers get automatic and constantly updated lists of qualified leads, ranked according to their existing customers’ profile, their business specifics, their sales triggers. More, they get contextual information about relevant events occurring in targeted prospects’ business life. They close faster, and drive more revenues.

They do not only get lists of leads. They get contextualized insights about those leads that help them trigger the right argument at the perfect time, solve a recent issue, answer timely concerns. Lead time and sales process are drastically fasten, and their cost of sales drop accordingly.

Account Management


Satisfaction and loyalty. Account Managers, Customer Care professionals and Segment managers get all relevant events about their customers; their knowledge about them will always be up to date, their customer service will naturally be better, therefore their satisfaction will increase. Monitoring their customer base can be a tedious task, even more if they have dozens of thousands of them. It is now possible.

They improve customer satisfaction, therefore customer loyalty. They get lists of potential churners. We identify events that are churn triggers for their business, and they are notified in real time, so that you can take appropriate actions to prevent this from happening.

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